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Our pricing is very competitive. We have many resources to help with the cost, and we also work with Medicaid to better serve our customers.

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rivers bend assisted living resident
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rivers bend assisted living residents and visitors
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Life is all about relationships. River's Bend Assisted Living is all about creating and fostering relationships. Residents and staff are part of an extended family. Every step is taken to provide a safe, fun, and loving environment for elders of the community.

Each day begins with a homemade breakfast and a smile.  The kitchen is open to the dining area so the staff can provide interactive banter with residents and guests while preparing meals. Residents are able to view everything that goes on in the kitchen and sometimes even participate in meal prep! 

There are many activities both inside and outside the home, enabling the residents to build relationships amongst themselves, and also giving them time to connect with the activities they love. The residents also have plenty of opportunities to relax as they wish and have their own rooms and personal belongings, so it truly feels like home. 

rivers bend assisted living chopping apples
We are more than pleased with how everything is being administered here. We might just move in as well!

-Resident Family Members
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